As an inexhaustible supply of energy, the sun emits billions of solar rays into the black expanse of space every day. Since the sun is round, not all the power thrown off by the sun’s massive blooms reaches this planet. Experts suggest only a small fraction ever reaches Earth’s surface. However, if humans collected that tiny amount of energy, it could be enough to heat and power all the homes and businesses on earth every day. Since the sun has been around for millions of years, it is most certainly possible that the energy blooms can continue to provide residential solar power for thousands of years in the future.

What Is a Photovoltaic Cell?

Often referred to as photovoltaic cells, the solar panels are filled with tiny solar units. Photovoltaic comes from Latin because ‘photo’ denotes light and ‘voltaic’ indicates electricity. Once the tiny cells are put into the panel, it can be placed on a roof, into frames in the yard, or on the side of a building to begin collecting energy. However, it takes more than one panel to provide enough electricity to power a home, because the amount of energy created by each panel is very small.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

How solar panels turn the sun’s rays into electricity can be confusing to most people, but each home solar panel is a simple energy collection unit. As the photon from the sun’s rays hits the surface of each cell, the electrons move to the top of the unit, and as they do a voltage is formed between the top layer and bottom section of each cell. As the electricity is formed in the panel, the current flows and is then collected and stored in a battery for later use.

What Can Solar Power Do for You?

The sun is a clean energy source that can provide enough residential solar power to keep the lights on in homes around the world indefinitely. All you have to do is install the panels and begin using the power the cells create to heat your home or power your electronics. What could be easier?

You care about the environment. You care about your family. You care about your bank balance. The great news is you can take care of all these things by harnessing the energy of the sun. The best residential solar company in Orange County can help you take care of the earth and your family at a reasonable price.

Solar Energy Has Untold Advantages

Solar energy is the wave of the future. In this day and age of dwindling and expensive fossil fuels, finding a power source that is free and sustainable is a gift. Watch your utility bills come in at a fraction of the old ones by installing a solar system for power.

What a Residential Solar Company Can Do for You

There is a lot to the process of switching over to solar power. A great solar company can help with every step of the process, from designing a system just for you and obtaining local permits, to installing the hardware and monitoring it from that day forward.

The Best Company is Affordable

When you work with the best residential solar company in Orange County, you can rest assured that your price is fair and competitive. A good company can work with you to take every available California rebate and credit for solar energy, as well as provide financing options to help you manage the cost. When you use top-of-the-line equipment, repairs and replacements are rarely needed, but if they are, a great company can quickly get your system up and running.

Solar for the Future

Finding the OC best residential solar company is a crucial step to going green while heating your home for your precious family. Choosing the right provider can ensure you are taking care of the earth, your loved ones and your wallet, all at the same time.

Solar energy is thought to be the one renewable energy source that may have the potential to single handedly meet the environmental challenges of the future. If you have wondered about converting to solar energy but have not done so, why not reconsider changing to the cleanest energy source possible. Going green can look like a daunting task, but with our one stop shop for home solar installation in Orange County, we can help you take that most important first step.

Solar Benefits

A solar energy system is more than a way to enjoy cheap electricity. We can help you boost your energy usage independence and reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. An Orange County home solar installation of photovoltaic panels can also help you reduce your carbon footprint as you lower your utility bills. Using the free energy of the sun can heat your pool or power your home, or both.

Solar Installation 

An Orange County home solar installation can be a stress-free project because we take care of the entire process. From our initial consultation all the way through installation, we try to simply each step for you. Our installation process includes: 

  • Assessing the site
  • Designing a panel system to fit your needs
  • Obtaining city and county permits
  • Installing your new solar panels

Believe it or not, installation isn’t the end of our relationships with our clients. We offer 25 years of maintenance and 24/7 live monitoring of each solar unit we install.

Solar Freedom 

Besides providing environmentally friendly power systems, we also strive to find the best solution to save our clients’ money. One stop shop for home solar installation in Orange County includes finding financing options which are convenient for our customers. Take advantage of our long-lasting and high-quality solar panel systems and become more energy independent. The sun never raises its energy rates, so start saving money today.

In recent years, homeowners have become aware that solar energy is a home efficiency upgrade well worth investing in. Using energy from the sun is not a new idea, but in the past decade, property owners are becoming more cognizant of the necessity of renewable energy to keep the earth healthy. Additionally, a residential solar installation in Orange County can help protect the environment. Here are the top five reasons why solar energy is more popular than ever.

  1. Solar panels protect against utility price increases. Residential electric rates have risen an average of between three and four percent each year for the past decade. Smart homeowners invest in solar energy to fix the electricity rate and protect against unwanted increases.
  1. Many states offer tax incentives for solar installation. Homeowners can take advantage of rebates and tax breaks for purchasing and installing solar equipment. Contact Orange County residential solar companies about adding value to your property.
  1. Using solar energy can drastically reduce electric costs. Adding solar collection panels to your roof can reduce your utility costs by 75 to 90 percent. Since electrical costs can often be a large part of a home’s monthly expenses, lowering the bills can save you thousands over the system’s 25-year lifetime.
  1. Homes equipped with solar systems often have a higher property value than those without the units. As homebuyers look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, they are often willing to pay more for homes with solar energy panels. Additionally, appraisers are becoming aware that Orange County residential solar companies are raising the desirability of energy efficient homes when they install solar panels.
  1. You can reduce your carbon footprint by using solar energy. Carbon emissions from homes can be up to 38 percent of that present in the environment. By employing solar energy, you can help decrease carbon amounts significantly and protect your future.

Not only can using solar power cut energy costs, but solar panels can increase property value, and reduce carbon footprints. Look into a residential solar installation in Orange County for your home to find out if solar energy is right for you.